Time for the second battle. As suggested by Marc P on BCG, I will be comparing how people talk to strangers in reality and how they chat to random people online. 


Most people agree that talking to people in real life is more beneficial, more sincere and just better altogether. The age-old act of ‘chatting up the birds’ works a lot better if you are confident and actually do it in real life, rather than on a screen, however, if you do ‘chirpse’ online they are more likely to take their kit off for you than they would be in a bar or club. 

Also, people are much more polite in reality. The British public are some of the most fucking polite people in the entire world. I couldn’t count on my fingers the number of times I have said ‘sorry’ to people for no apparent reason within the past week. Confidence is also an issue for many people when talking face-to-face, whereas, via Facebook, people can talk to strangers and feel as brave as a kid just out of the fucking dentist. 

In addition, you are more likely to recognise a 57-year-old paedophile disguised as a teenage girl on the street than you are online. Unless he has gone through some damn good surgery. Seeing them in reality, in a place full of people, would mean you are less likely to get raped in a back alley, and therefore, you will just feel disappointed when she turns out to be a man nearing 60, rather than robbed of your dignity. 

All-in-all, although it may be a whole lot easier to talk to people without seeing them, it is nowhere fucking near as effective. Talking all day to a stranger who you call a ‘mate’ whilst wanking over a picture of their girlfriend on the beach that he has put on Facebook doesn’t not constitute a social life. 

WINNER: Talking to strangers in reality.


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